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ADC fournisseur cires pour emballage cartons papier wax provider for waxed paper wrapping

In the packaging industry, waxes are widely used for coating paper and cardboard due to their sealing properties and resistance to water and oil.

Depending on your quality criteria and desired shine for example, it may be necessary to use a refined paraffin and possibly the addition of additives.

To promote biodegradable products and meet environmental standards, we also distribute vegetable waxes for paper coating, especially palm wax, given its good waterproofing results.

Food packaging also requires specially formulated waxes to allow contact with food.

Protecting food products during transport and handling ; creating a barrier against humidity, but also against vapors and gases, and the prevention of contamination with heat-sealed packaging … are all functions that manufacturers require of waxes .

The wax used in the packaging industry is used in the processing, coating, lamination and impregnation of primary materials in contact with food, such as paper, cardboard and aluminum.

The last few years have seen the development of “renewable” packaging, and the increase in “Wrap” fabrics coated with beeswax: a natural alternative to plastic packaging for food storage.

ADC is a supplier of specific waxes for the packaging industry.