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ADC distributeur accessoires pour bougies

ADC is a distributor of candle wicks.

The choice of the wick for your candle is an incredibly essential element. It is in fact, the ‘engine of your spark plug ‘ if you were to compare the wick of your candle, to the spark plug of your car. The heat of the flame melts the wax, and this liquid wax, by capillary effect is “pumped” by the wick, which fuels combustion, creates the flame and releases the fragrance.

Your choice of wick should be made according to the wax used, the type of candles made (molded or cast), the diameter of the candle, any perfumes and dyes etc.

For best results, it is imperative to carry out tests.

The flame and the heat generated depend on the thickness of the wick and in particular the number of threads constituting the braid of the wick. The greater the thickness, the greater the flame and the faster the wax will burn. So, for candles that last a long time, it is important to calibrate your wicks properly.

The balance to be struck is a wick thick enough to prevent the flame from drowning, but thin enough that the flame is moderate and the candle does not burn out too quickly.

ADC offers above all 3 ranges of high quality wicks suitable for vegetable waxes: SP braided cotton range, TCR braided cotton range and wood range.

However, we also provide all types of wicks: rayon wicks, cotton wicks reinforced with vegetable fiber, wicks for candles, wicks for garden candles, wicks with flax fiber, waxed wicks, unassembled or assembled, cut to length desired, “square” braided cotton wicks, coil wicks, etc …

If you are unsure as to what your requirements are, we are more than happy to help you find the ideal components for your projects.

Wicks are sold in units of 1000

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