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Micro-crystalline waxes are waxes obtained from petroleum refining.

They have a melting point above 70 ° C

There are different types of micro-crystalline waxes: hard waxes with a high melting point and soft waxes which have a lower dropping point.

Soft wax is more flexible and relatively sticky. It has good grip capacity.

All business sectors: Automotive industry, Paints and inks, Construction, Production of adhesives, plastics and rubber, Food and feed industry, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry…

Candle making:

– Soft wax is interesting in the manufacture of cast candles because the wax adheres optimally to the wall of the container. It also helps the adhesion of the different layers of a multi-colored candle.

– Hard wax is useful for making the outer shell of a candle or for over-tempering a pillar candle to keep it from sinking. It is also useful for making carved candles.

For the impregnation of beehives we recommend the use of our 4MW Kerafine wax, whose high melting point makes it possible to resist high temperatures.

slabs and pellets

ADC is a supplier of micro-crystalline waxes. Our references are as follows :