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ADC fournisseur de cire minérale microcristalline wax provider

Description and advantages :

Paraffin is a wax derived from the process of refining petroleum. It can be more or less refined.

Solid paraffin is white, shiny and odorless, with a melting point ranging from 50 ° C to 70 ° C. Paraffin breaks easily.

The highly refined (“fully refined”) paraffins that we distribute meet stringent quality criteria for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

We provide our customers with specific formulations of waxes for industrial applications based on paraffin.

Our range of hydrofinished paraffins is suitable for food contact. Some products are sold under our brand: KERAFINE.

These products comply with the European REACH regulation.

Examples of application :

– paraffins for hot melts

– paraffins for the manufacture of cleaning products, waxes, explosives, rat poison

– paraffins for impregnating cardboard and waxed papers

– paraffins for coating wine tanks

– paraffins for beekeepers

– paraffins for candles

– paraffins for the manufacture of polishes

– paraffins for the production of cosmetics

– paraffins for electrical insulators

Available sizes :

They can be supplied in slabs and tablets

ADC is a paraffin supplier. Our references are as follows (The paraffin grades correspond to the melting point):