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Sodium oleate

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Sodium Oleate (NaC18H33O2) is an organic additive which is the sodium “salt” of oleic acid.

It comes as a powder of small, yellowish crystals that dissolve in water and alcohol.

  • Properties :

– Surfactant

– Waterproofing

– Cleaning agent

– Emulsifier

– Floating agent

  • Example of use :

– In cosmetics, sodium oleate is used for its cleansing, thickening and gelling properties. Sodium oleate is used in soaps and detergents as an emulsifying agent.

– It is also used in the coating of waterproof fabrics.

– Sodium oleate is also used in the manufacture of industrial lubricants.

– And in the mining industry, as a floating agent for minerals.

  • Available sizes :


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