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SP wicks are widely used and recognized for their very good performance.

The flame and the heat generated depend on the thickness of the wick and in particular the number of threads constituting the wick. The greater the thickness, the greater the flame and the faster the wax will burn.

The SP wicks are 100% cotton which gives them good rigidity in the melted wax, great capillarity and a robust flame. They can be used for candles made from vegetable wax, scented or not.

SP wicks are mounted on a stand and are also available in waxed or unwaxed coils.

Waxed cut wicks are mounted on a stand are available in different lengths.

Reference wick type / wax pool diameter (mm) :

SP 30: diameter 30 – 40mm

SP 40: diameter 40 – 50mm

SP 50: diameter 50-60 mm

SP 60: diameter 60-70 mm

SP 70: diameter 70-80 mm

SP 80: diameter 80-90 mm

SP 90: diameter 90-100 mm

These wicks are based on tests carried out in the laboratory with vegetable wax without perfume or dye. If you are using perfumes and dyes, it is best to do pre-burn tests.

SP wicks comply with European REACH standards.

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