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TCR wicks are pure cotton wicks interwoven with a twisted paper “core”.

No chemicals are used, and the strands are not bleached or treated with any substance.

The excellent “burning” of these wicks is ensured by the superior quality cotton used in their manufacturing process and the particular structure of these wicks with a paper core (called the “soul” of the candle) which is surrounded by a support jacket braided cotton outer.

TCR wicks are waxed and fitted with a metal wick foot, which makes them easier to use when creating candles.

TCR wicks are ideal for vegetable wax based cast candles and a perfect choice for those who want to create natural candles.

TCR wicks can be used with perfumes and dyes.

No metal core, lead free, nylon free.

Reference wick type / wax pool diameter (mm):

TCR 21/12: diameter 40 – 50mm

TCR 24/14: diameter 50-60 mm

TCR 27/16: diameter 60-70 mm

TCR 30/18: diameter 70-80 mm

TCR 33/20: diameter 80-90 mm

These wicks are based on tests carried out in the laboratory with vegetable wax without perfume or dye. If you are using perfumes and dyes, it is best to do pre-burn tests.

TCR wicks comply with European REACH standards; to the requirements prescribed by the RAL regulations (CANDLES QUALITY ASSURANCE RAL-GZ 041) and the cotton used in their creation is OEKO-TEX® 100 class I or II certified

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