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Some examples of application :

The agricultural sector uses special food grade waxes, designed for use on the roots and stems of plants. The wax is applied in a thin layer to protect the outer surface of plants and scions, preserve the freshness of the roots and protect the stems during transport. The wax also seals in the nutrients of the plant before planting.

Specially formulated waxes should be soft, flexible and tacky, to conform to the exterior surface of the plant, without breaking and crumbling.

Grafting waxes are also specially formulated to protect the plant from drying out after cutting.

Beeswax is widely used in beekeeping to make pre-printed sheets, from which bees build their honeycombs.

In addition, micro-crystalline waxes are used to coat and waterproof beehives.

Waxes for poultry plumage are generally composed of paraffins, microcrystalline waxes and additives. They can be specially formulated for duck and goose varieties and wet or dry plumage.

The wine world is also a user of specific waxes to seal bottles.

Bottle Sealing Wax is a fast-melting, hard-setting wax used to create an effective barrier against air and bacteria

ADC is a supplier of specific waxes for the agricultural sector.