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ADC fournisseur cires pour l'industrie cosmétique wax provider for cosmetics industry

In the cosmetics sector, natural waxes of plant or animal origin are widely used for their thickening, stabilizing, moisturizing, emollient properties, etc. They serve as an excipient, texture agent, lubricant or film-forming agent.

Wax is an essential ingredient in cosmetic production : hair removal, lipsticks, solid make up, deodorants, soaps, creams and balms etc.

Wax is also used in the composition and in particular the coating of a large number of pharmaceutical products : tablets, capsules, waxed “dragees ‘ etc.

Beeswax and vegetable waxes are the most commonly used waxes, but refined paraffin waxes are often used in heat therapy creams – for example, the treatment of sore muscles and stiff joints.

ADC is a supplier of specific waxes for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.