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ADC fournisseur cires pour cirage et vernis wax provider for paintings ans polish

Wax is used in many products.

– Manufacture of cleaning products, waxes are favourable for their properties of shine, glide, smoothness etc.

– In the automotive and aviation industry, synthetic polyethylene waxes are widely used as a polishing agent.

– The tanning and skin and leather processing sector uses carnauba wax for its waterproofing properties. It is also used in the composition of many polishes.

– The polish industry is also a heavy user of waxes of all kinds. Encaustic can be used on the wood it “nourishes”, but also on stone, plaster, facings, terracotta tiles, statues, etc. Encaustic, unlike other products, lets the materials it protects breathe.

Polishing products for the maintenance of floors and furniture are made from turpentine (or other solvents) and a mixture of mineral, vegetable or animal waxes which are chosen for their intrinsic properties and according to their quality. In general, the polish hardens in the cold and liquefies in the heat like waxes.

– Wax is also used in the composition of certain paints and coatings, because added to paints, varnishes, concrete etc. it gives a velvety shine or mattifying finish depending on the formulas. The wax can be saponified so that it can be mixed with water such as whitewash, stucco, acrylics etc.

ADC is a supplier of specific waxes for the paint industry, and polish manufacturing.