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ADC distributeur acide stéarique

Stearin is a triglyceride, a pearly white solid substance obtained by saponification of natural vegetable or animal fats. It is also called tristearin or stearic acid (C57H110O6).

Stearin is odorless and tasteless. At room temperature, it forms a white solid. Its melting point is around 70 ° C.

This saturated fatty acid naturally present in animal and vegetable fats is used mainly as a consistency factor to thicken preparations, enrich and stabilize emulsions and harden mixtures.

It is insoluble in water and very slightly soluble in ethanol. It is a biodegradable substance.

ADC is a distributor of Kosher and Halal certified plant-based stearin.

This stearin complies with European REACH regulations.

Cleaning agent : helps keep a clean surface

Emulsifying agent : promotes the formation of mixture between immiscible liquids

Emulsion stabilizer : promotes the emulsion process and improves the stability and shelf life of the emulsion

Masking agent : reduces or inhibits the basic odor or taste of a product

Lipid restoring agent : restores lipids to the hair or upper layers of the skin

Surfactant : reduces the surface tension of cosmetic products and contributes to the uniform distribution of the product during its use

– In the cosmetics industry, stearin is used as a texturizing agent which thickens creams and balms, it is also a major ingredient in the manufacture of soaps

– The plastics industry uses it as a solid lubricant which remains stable at high temperatures

– In the tire and rubber industry, stearin helps control the flexibility of the final product and speeds up the vulcanization process.

– Stearin is also used for the surface treatment of parts and materials to prevent oxidation, settling, adhesion or humidity.

– In powder metallurgy, stearin is mixed with the metal powder as a lubricating additive for better fluidity.

Stearin is sold in microbeads, in 25 kg bags.

ADC is a supplier of stearin. Our references are as follows: