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ADC fournisseur de cire de candelilla wax provider

Candelilla wax is extracted from the stems and leaves of a plant found in northern Mexico and southern Texas, Euphorbia cerifera. This plant naturally secretes wax.

Candelilla wax is a hard waxy solid (but not as hard as carnauba wax) with a yellow-brown color varying in intensity and more or less translucent.

Melting point at 70 ° C

100% plant-based

Non-GMO wax, no additives and not tested on animals.

– Candelilla wax confers hardness and resistance in cosmetic formulations

– raincoat

– mixes well with jojoba wax

– Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry: Candelilla wax is used in cosmetics, in particular for sticks and lipsticks

– Making candles, hence its name in Spanish (“little candle”)

– Food industry: coating of sweets

But also for:

– manufacture of encaustic for leather

– manufacture of waterproofed paper and packaging


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