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Carnauba wax is derived from the leaves of a Brazilian palm, Copernicia cerifera. The wax is secreted naturally from the leaves of the tree to prevent the leaves from dehydrating. Carnauba wax is a waxy solid with a yellow colour varying from intense yellow to light beige.

100% plant origin, carnauba wax is a very hard and dense natural wax with a high melting point: 80-86 ° C

Non-GMO wax, no additives and free from animal testing.

– Due to its hypoallergenic and emollient properties, as well as its gloss, it is used in many cosmetics formulations

– Among all the natural waxes, Carnauba wax is the one that provides the most shine.

– Emulsifying and stabilizing properties

– Particularly resistant to humidity

– Facilitates demoulding

– Less sensitive to temperature than beeswax

– Compatible with most vegetable and mineral waxes and with a wide variety of natural and synthetic resins.

– Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry: Carnauba wax is mainly used in stick formulas where it provides good release, brings hardness and consistency and gives shine to the surface (ideal for mascaras and styling products. ..).

Due to its highest melting point of natural waxes, carnauba wax is used to improve the thermal stability of many cosmetic products.

In the pharmaceutical industry it is used in powder form for the use of coating tablets

– Food industry: Widely used in the coating of candies (gums), chocolates and fruits. In the biscuit industry it is used as a release agent

But also for:

– manufacture of encaustic for furniture

– manufacture of varnishes for automobiles, floor coverings and shoes

– inks and paper coatings


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