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ADC fournisseur de cire de colza rapeseed wax provider

Rapeseed wax is a hydrogenated form of rapeseed oil, extracted from the rapeseed plant. Its texture is solid, its color white and its odor neutral.


Low melting point: 52-61 ° C

Very low carbon footprint because rapeseed is grown in Europe.

Wax containing no traces of GMOs, it is without additives and it’s not tested on animals.

– water soluble

– hard and firm texture

– does not stain and is easily cleaned with water

– cosmetics: cream, balm, etc.

– Ingredient of choice for making molded candles: Rapeseed wax is a natural alternative to mineral waxes, it is biodegradable and eco-responsible. This wax is strong and flexible, ideal for making molded candles. Rapeseed wax gives very white candles that can be easily coloured, a smooth and shiny surface, and a precise and aesthetic rendering.

blocks or microbeads

ADC is a supplier of rapeseed waxes. Our references are as follows: