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ADC fournisseur de cire de son de riz rice wax provider

From the inedible shell that surrounds the grain of rice, it is possible to extract an oil, which when hydrogenated, is transformed into wax.

Rice bran wax is a cream-colored waxy solid varying from off-white to yellow-orange.

100% plant-based


Melting point at around 78 ° C

Non-GMO wax, no additives and not tested on animals.

– emollient

– exfoliant

– film forming

– thickener

– hardening agent

– Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry: Rice bran wax is mainly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in stick formulas where it provides hardness and consistency

– Food industry: used in the coating of sweets

But it is also found in:

– printing inks

– the lubricants industry …


ADC is a supplier of rice bran waxes. Our references are as follows :