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ADC fournisseur de cire de tournesol sunflower wax provider

Sunflower wax is made from the hydrogenation of sunflower oil, which is extracted from the seed of the plant. This was has a solid texture, is white in colour and has a neutral odor.

100% plant-based

High melting point up to 70 degrees

Sunflower wax has a very low carbon footprint because sunflowers are grown in Europe.

Non-GMO wax, no additives and not tested on animals.

– Very good resistance to exudation

– Very good adhesion to the container

– Very good binding capacity

– Gives shine to formulations

– Stabilizes water-oil emulsions

– Content in essential fatty acids and vitamins

– To the touch: soft feeling, not sticky

– cosmetics: cream, balm, etc.

– Ingredient of choice for making cast candles: Sunflower wax is a natural alternative to mineral waxes, soy wax and rapeseed wax. Sunflower wax is suitable for making cast candles. This wax creates very white candles which can be easily coloured and create a beautiful shine, an impeccable adhesion to the container, very limited exudation, and a good restitution for the perfumes.


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