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Calcium stearate

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Calcium stearate (C36H70CaO4) results from the heating of stearin,( a fatty acid) with calcium oxide.

It comes in the form of a very fine, waxy white powder.

Insoluble in water, this calcium stearate is ideal for plastic molding and extrusion lubrication.

  • Properties :

– Slippery agent which has lubricating properties on the polymer

– Stabilizer

– Fluidifying

– Sealing

– Surfactants

  • Examples of use:

– In the food industry, calcium stearate is used as a thinner in certain powders and as a coating in confectionery.

– In the manufacture of pencils and pastels, it is used as a lubricant.

– The cement industry uses calcium stearate to limit weathering in the production of building materials, especially mortars, slabs or breeze blocks. It also serves as a sealant.

– The paper industry uses calcium stearate as a lubricant to obtain a glossy surface and to prevent dust deposits and breakages resulting from the folding of paper and cardboard fibers.

– In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, it is used to facilitate the release of cachets but also as a non-stick, and as a gel and surfactant.

– Calcium stearate is part of the composition of certain anti-foaming agents.

– Used as a multifunctional additive in the plastics industry: in PVC pigmentation processes and in the acceleration of melting on rigid PVC.

– It is also used in the production of cosmetics.

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