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ADC distributeur ethylène bis stereamide EBS provider

Metal, plant and animal additives, otherwise called “stearates” (fatty acid ester), are additives with many specificities and properties: water-repellent, lubricants, stabilizers, etc. which facilitate your operations in your manufacturing process.

Additives, by definition, are used in small quantities to facilitate processing, add value and improve the quality of finished products: they are therefore considered “quality improvers” and have a considerable impact on the performance of the final product. .

ADC offers a wide range of:

– metal stearates

– stearates of plant and animal origin ; the manufacturing process of which is completely harmless.

All products comply with REACH regulations.

Additives find application in a wide range of industrial sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber industry, metallurgy, etc.

For example, we supply resin producers, polycarbonate manufacturers, PVC compound formulators, factories of building products such as facade plasters, manufacturers of paints, pencil leads, cosmetics, etc.


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ADC is a supplier of additives. Our references are as follows :