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Ethylene bis stearamide

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Ethylene bis stearamide (C38H76N2O2) is an organic compound otherwise called EBS. This compound is derived from the reaction of ethylenediamine and stearin.

It is a waxy white solid that is also found in powder or bead form.

  • Properties :

– Release agent

– lubricant

– dispersing agent

– Anti-foaming

– Anti-static

  • Example of use :

– EBS is used in all types of industry, especially in the manufacture of plastics and paints, as a dispersing or lubricating agent to facilitate and stabilize the dispersion of materials in mixtures, to reduce friction and abrasion of the surface of polymers, or to contribute to color stability.

– Ethylene bis stearamide is also used in processing industries, for example in the paper industry and the powder metallurgy sector, as a release agent, as an antistatic agent and an anti-foam agent for the production of thermoplastics , cables and paper.

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