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Keragreen Rapeseed Container

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GMO Free
Use for Cosmetics
Food Contact
100% Vegan
REACH Compliant

Features and benefits of rapeseed wax for cast candles

KERAGREEN rapeseed wax for cast candles has a number of features and benefits that make it the product of choice

  • Ecological: derived from renewable and biodegradable resources
  • Non-toxic: no substances harmful to health or the environment
  • Clean burning: reduced soot and smoke emissions
  • Easy to use: suitable for making container candles and other creations

This wax is sourced from rapeseed grown mainly in France and neighbouring countries. We have formulated this wax to give it easy, clean pouring and surfacing properties.

By pouring your candles with this wax, you’ll get a perfect finish, maximum adhesion to the glass and a very white colour that can be much appreciated.

Choosing this product gives you the following benefits:

  • ease of use
  • unrivalled whiteness
  • smooth surface
  • high burn resistance
  • pellet form makes it easy to calculate quantities and weights.
  • compact, lightweight packaging – easy to handle.


Tablets / 20kg boxes