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Beeswax is the wax naturally secreted by bees (thanks to their wax glands). They use it to build the combs of their hive. Beeswax is made up mainly of esters and fatty acids, and comes in the form of small, white, transparent scales, which later turn opaque.

We know of beeswax as a waxy amber-yellow solid with a characteristic odor.

Beeswax, 100% natural, is considered to be high-quality “waste” that can be easily recovered, since the beekeeper has to work it when he collects the honey.

There are two types of waxes : amber yellow beeswax and white beeswax.

Yellow beeswax is the raw product. The wax has generally been heated with steam and hot filtered without undergoing any bleaching or deodorizing treatment. The wax can sometimes contain pollen or propolis remains, and it is ideal for use in natural cosmetics.

White beeswax is the processed product. The wax has usually been steamed and hot filtered, then subsequently undergone several treatments to purify, deodorize and whiten it. Its use is ideal for cleaning products (furniture, leather, etc.) or for candles.

Non-GMO wax, no additives and not tested on animals.

– Known to be rich in vitamin A, it has moisturizing and protective properties

– Hydrophobic

– Healing and antibacterial

– Thickening agent

– Stabilizer

– Manufacture of encaustics and varnishes: beeswax is used in the composition of varnishes for furniture, shoes, floors or parquet floors, wood mastics, etc.

– Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: depilatory wax, lipstick, deodorant …


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