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ADC fournisseur de cire de soja soy wax provider

Soy wax is a hydrogenated form of soybean oil. It occurs as a waxy solid that is white in color and has a neutral odor.

100% plant-based

Low melting point: 52-54 ° C

Wax without additives and is not tested on animals.

– Film forming

– Emollient, nourishing and protective for the skin

– Increases the stability of emulsions and improves the consistency of the final product

– Soft, creamy and non-sticky feel

– cosmetics: cream, balm, etc.

– ingredient of choice for making cast candles and massage candles: Soy wax is generally softer than mineral wax and has a lower melting temperature, however if using additives or mixtures within the wax can increase the melting point and make the texture harder. Soy wax will give you white candles which can be easily coloured. It creates a smooth and shiny surface, good adhesion to container, and a hard but creamy texture. With soy wax there is no shrinkage, no crystallization on cooling and no foul odour when burning or extinguishing.

slabs or flakes

ADC is a soy wax supplier. Our references are as follows: